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Norristown Police Department Launches 40 Point Plan and Police Chief’s Advisory Board to Reduce Gun Violence in The Municipality

NORRISTOWN, PA – The Norristown Police Department announced two initiatives today, a 40 Point Plan and the creation of a Police Chief’s Advisory Board (PCAB). Overall crime has reduced dramatically since 2014 under Police Chief Mark Talbot, however, in recent months the Municipality has seen a spike in gun related offenses.

Committed to addressing this issue, the Chief’s 40 Point Plan has been put in place to implement the gun violence reduction strategy.  The broad principles include six specific, trackable action steps:

1.     Embracing the leadership challenge
2.     Accelerate gun violence reduction strategies
3.     Enhancing collaboration with stakeholders through the PCAB
4.     Control impact players
5.     Focus on gun violence hotspots
6.     Eliminate drug markets

A major component of the plan will be the PCAB, dedicated to developing ideas to support the department’s strategies, policing concepts and increase public awareness. By obtaining input and feedback from a diverse group of stakeholders regarding issues that impact the safety and quality of life of Norristown residents, Chief Talbot hopes to forge stronger connections with the community. Additionally, having access to a broader array of ideas and leveraging the resources of the many agencies that are available in Norristown will assist with reducing crime and enhancing quality of life issues.

As stated by Police Chief Mark Talbot, “I welcome and look forward to having a qualified group of community members to engage and collaborate with to fight crime, build trust, and create impactful policing concepts.”

Norristown Municipal Council supports the formation of the board and looks forward to hearing from the newly created body.  According to Council President Sonya Sanders, “The Council is proud to have a Police Department that is open to discuss and brainstorm with residents about enhancing the quality of life in our community. I encourage residents to apply and help us develop these recommendations.”

Requirements of board members include a willingness to engage in a constructive manner, be a credible and respected community member as a resident, business owner, student, activist, clergy, or volunteer and to sign a non-disclosure agreement.   Members will serve a renewable one-year term, while student members serve a maximum one-year term.

The board will consist of 15 to 25 members; meet monthly with the Police Chief and have the following key priorities:

·      Act as sounding board for the Police Chief regarding community needs/concerns, as well as community response to proposed programs and priorities.
·      Apprise the Chief directly of the community’s needs for police services.
·      Assist in educating the community at large about the function and role of the Norristown Police Department.

For more information, please contact Norristown Police Community Affairs Liaison, Gina Davies at 610-270-0790 or by email

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Norristown Police Department Launches Plan to Reduce Gun Violence in the Municipality