Every day, Camp Xtreme provides many interactive, educational activities to campers. Reading, math, science, and gardening lessons fill the camp schedule with learning and fun. There are presentations, question and answer sessions, and hands-on activities for every subject.

This Wednesday, campers danced into the classroom, grooving to the beat of a song about the systems of the body. Whether respiratory, circulatory, muscular, nervous, skeletal, each system was both important and fascinating. As they investigated the distinctive aspects of the different systems, the campers discovered the interesting answers to their pressing questions. They learned that blood comes from the liver, the ear is comprised of outer cartilage and inner bones, and heartburn doesn’t actually hurt your heart — it is actually a burning sensation caused by the passage of stomach acid through the esophagus.

Accompanying these expert explanations were hands-on demonstrations. To illustrate the respiratory function of the lungs, the presenters brought in a quirky contraption. A balloon hung from a straw inside half of a soda bottle. Plastic wrap was secured around the bottom. The campers stretched the wrap downward, then released it back onto the bottle. When the wrap went down, the balloon inflated. When it went up, the balloon deflated. As the room lit up with amazement, the campers realized that the plastic wrap played the role of the diaphragm, and the balloon represented a lung.

Another exciting example revealed the impact of exercise on heart rate. One camper ran for a couple minutes, and when they were measured against a resting camper, their active heart rate was much faster than the resting one.

It was amazing for the campers to find science in their own lives, and even more satisfying to eat their candy rewards for their participation. All of these activities occupied just one hour of the day. By the end of their Wednesday, the campers felt incredible. Camp Xtreme has a wonderful impact on Norristown education and recreation. For more information on registration, contact the Montgomery County OIC.

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