Every year, the Norristown Garden Club (NGC) sponsors the Norristown Garden Contest, promoting neighborhood beautification and showcasing the talents of Norristown residents. Many impressive gardens contributed to the fierce competition. They also provided a number of benefits to the community. Whether a place to reminisce about the past, a place for therapeutic relaxation, or a place to grow fresh vegetables, each garden in the contest displayed its own unique set of community benefits.

Judges selected first, second, and third place as well as honorable mention for the following categories: Front Flower Garden; Side Flower Garden; Rear Flower Garden; Vegetable Garden, Window Boxes/Containers and Public Places. The cash prizes for the contest were 1st place, $100; 2nd place, $50; 3rd place, $25; and Honorable Mention, $20. Among the winners were the WWII Memorial on Haws Avenue, the Peace Garden at Norristown State Hospital, the Greater Norristown PAL garden, and the Elmwood Park Zoo.

A diverse group of participants entered the contest. From youth groups to horticulturists, therapy groups to master gardeners, many different people worked together to bring foster the beauty of nature in Norristown. One of the most important groups was the team that organized the contest, the Norristown Garden Club (NGC).

The contest was not the only 2017 highlight for the NGC. Established in 1913, the club meets monthly in Fairview Village Church to plan flower shows, organize expert presentations, and serve the community. The NGC also offers scholarships to students of gardening-related fields, leads tours with themes from kitchen to holiday, and runs a junior club for younger gardeners.  Having partnered with hospitals and zoos, arranged educational workshops, and provided visits to famous gardens for years, the NGC has been recognized multiple times for its efforts at the district, state, and national level.

With these efforts, gardening does not only bring beauty to Norristown, but also helps the environment. Norristown residents are encouraged to plant their own gardens for individual and community benefits. Please visit the NGC’s website, http://norristowngardenclub.org/ngc/, for more information regarding the club and the annual garden contest.


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Creativity Blooms in the 2017 Norristown Garden Contest