Chief Mark Talbot of the Norristown Police Department released the following statement following recent events happening in the community:

As you know, we’ve recently experienced a spike in gun violence and sadly there was another incident early this morning.

At around 330 AM we responded to what turned out to be a homicide investigation in the 100 block of West Lafayette Street. Through the great work of our team, the suspect from this incident was apprehended almost immediately after the crime was committed.

We have no reason to believe that this crime was connected in any way to other incidents. In fact, we are certain that this was an isolated offense between two people who are not connected to what’s been happening lately.

Our department is working hard to ensure that we continue to do what is necessary to create a safe community. In response to the violence, I’ve added several components to our crime reduction strategy, including:

We are collaborating closely with other law enforcement agencies to target specific offenders who we believe are responsible for what’s happening

  • We have extra personnel working to focus on the locations that have seen increased violence
  • Command level personnel have been placed on call 24 hours a day to deal with serious incidents
  • In addition to our bi-weekly compstat meetings, a monthly violent crime meeting has been added to our policing strategy to ensure that we are maximizing the resources we are devoting to violence prevention and reduction
  • Our officers have begun engaging in “street mobilization” exercises in several areas of Norristown. This is a tactic designed to partner with residents to produce safer neighborhoods
  • Detectives have been working around the clock and are making significant progress

I wish to personally thank those who have stepped up to directly assist us with what is occurring. I am deeply grateful for the support that we’ve received and I hope that others follow this example.

Norristown-if you have any information that can help us save lives please let us know.

Anyone with information for any of the recent incidents in town is asked to call police at (610) 270-0977

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NPD Chief releases statement following recent incidents in the community