Over the past few years, businesses, organizations, government entities, and residents have attempted to create hashtags to follow all of the great things happening in town(here’s a definition of what a hashtag is). Unfortunately, some of the tags have missed their targets or vague in nature. As a result, Norristown has struggled to find it’s identity on social media. King of Prussia has #KOP and #VisitKOP. Montgomery County has #MakeItMontco. Each one of those tags has survived the test of time and continue to remain the tag to use when talking about activity in that area. Norristown has seen the most success with hashtags beginning with #Town___, however, what town are we mentioning?

When looking at social media platforms with millions of users, a tag that has “town” without specifying which one can be confusing. Look at the other examples from Montgomery County and King of Prussia, we know from the tags, where they are mentioning. Norristown doesn’t have this, yet.

This blog is NOT an insult or knock to any organization that has tried to create an active online presence for our town, and we applaud any efforts to implement visions for the community. The Norristown Project is merely proposing a tag that we believe in our opinion reflects all of these tags used over the years.


As stakeholders in this town, we try to let the outside know what the great things are happening in Norristown. We achieve this goal by telling others to explore our town. Want to share that you like to stay fit by using one of our parks or trails? Use #ExploreNorristown to show others they should join you as well on the Schuylkill River Trail or at Riverfront Park. Is there an exciting event coming up at Five Saints Distillery or Elmwood Park Zoo? #ExploreNorristown. You get the idea.

So that’s our suggestion for a hashtag that encompasses everything great happening in town and inviting others to join you.

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