The Municipality of Norristown will begin Phase I of its comprehensive road maintenance plan to address the 50 worst roads in town. In a press release available on their website, the municipality says they plan to address Phase I of the project within the next three years. The streets to be addressed are as follow:

  • 800 Block of W Beech  (Between Stanbridge and Haws)
  • 1100 Block of W Beech (Between Hamilton and Buttonwood)
  • 800-900 Block of Buttonwood (Between Elm and James)
  • 600 block of George Street (Between Marshall and Oak)
  • Unit-100 block of Haws (Riverfront Park entrance)
  • 900 block of Haws (Beech Street to End)
  • 300 block of W Marshall (Between Astor and Corson)
  • Unit block of McKinley (Between Washington and Lafayette)
  • 100 block of Pearl (Between Schuylkill River Trail and Lafayette)
  • 300 block of Poplar (Between Astor and Markley)
  • Unit block of Selma (Between Tyler and Washington)
  • 300 block of Stanbridge (Between Main and Airy)

Based on available funds remaining, the municipality will also include Ann and Church Streets to the Phase I project. For the full press release, see below:

NORRISTOWN, PA – The Municipal Council of Norristown announced today the kick-off of Norristown’s first comprehensive road maintenance plan with the intent to award Phase I of the project, an action that will result in the repair of the fifty (50) worst segments of road in Norristown over the next three (3) years.

At its June 6 Meeting, Council approved the issuance of intent to award letters to Glasglow Inc. for the Milling and Paving contract and AP Home Improvement Inc. for the Handicap Ramp and Curb Contract associated with Phase 1 of the Comprehensive Road Maintenance Plan.

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of every road in Norristown by the Municipal Engineer, Pennoni Associates, the Road Maintenance Plan is intended to guarantee roadway safety and ease of access by investing an estimated $3.5 million into Norristown’s aging infrastructure. Phase I of the project will cost an estimated $1.02 million, which will cover milling and paving as well as the installation of handicap ramps and curbs

Municipal Council views road infrastructure as a fundamental priority for our community and an essential initiative to supplement and capitalize on the revitalization of Norristown’s Downtown Business District, as well as the impending $293 million Montgomery County Campus Project, Lafayette Street Project, and the new Norristown ramp to the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

In a statement from Sonya Sanders, President of Norristown’s Municipal Council, “we’re all excited to see the fruits of our labor taking root. This is the most ambitious local roads project Norristown has ever seen and will benefit our entire community. We’re excited to see this project get started and would like to thank staff and our engineering firm for helping make it happen.”

Norristown’s Road Maintenance Plan is one component of an exciting series initiatives launched by the Municipality which includes a $10 million Capital Improvement Plan aimed to bolster Norristown by investing in park improvements, strategic property acquisition for economic development, facility renovations, and vehicle & equipment acquisition.


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Norristown Announces Phase I of Comprehensive Road Maintenance Plan