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Announced today, Norristown will enter the bid to become an Olympic Host City for the 2024 Summer Olympics. This will be the first time an Olympics game will be held in a small town.

Although official details have yet to be announced, the Norristown Project was able to receive information regarding the potential layout of their bid. The abandoned buildings on the State Hospital grounds will be renovated into the Olympic village for the world’s greatest athletes. The opening ceremony will be held at Roosevelt Field, after receiving a face-lift of new seating for 412,016 spectators. Track & Field events will be held at the Norristown Farm Park and Schuylkill River Trail. For the first time ever, diving will take place outdoors at Riverfront Park. Plans are under way now to remove rocks from the bottom of the Schuylkill River for safety.

The Norristown Project will continue to update this article as information comes in. Share the good news!

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Norristown Enters Bid for 2024 Summer Olympics Host City



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