Norristown Police Department Chief Talbot has listed 7 tips for residents to prevent burglaries. Follow these tips to prevent becoming a victim of a theft.

1. Say ‘hello’ to unfamiliar faces. Removing the sense of anonymity often causes people to decide not to commit a crime.

2 .Learn the names of your neighbors. Closer communities are less vulnerable to crime.

3. Call the police if someone knocks on your door asking for someone who doesn’t live there. This is a very familiar burglary tactic.
4. Be more aware of your surroundings. You won’t see a burglar on Facebook or Twitter. Look outside and see what’s happening in your world.

5. Lock your doors and windows. Most crimes are based on opportunity. Don’t be the path of least resistance!
6. Get a dog. Any type will do. It’s the noise that they make- not their bite- that is important.
7. If something doesn’t look right, call us first. Don’t call your cousin, aunt, or post it online.


Honorable mention: The Norristown Project would also like to share one additional tip not listed above. Never share vacation/daily plans online! Telling people you will be on a cruise for a week or spending the day visiting the city is inviting a criminal into your home. 

Share anonymous tips to the police department by calling (610) 278-TIPS or emailing


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Norristown Police Shares 7 Tips to Prevent Burglaries