Everyone in Norristown knows where to get a great Zep, but it can be tough to figure out where to score foods in a growing segment of the restaurant industry… Mexican food. Until the Norristown Project decided to round up Norristown’s 5 best Mexican restaurants, obviously. Here are the best Mexican restaurants in Norristown according to Yelp reviews with user reviews.

El Primo Taqueria

1719 Markley Street | (484) 322-5323

Rating: 4.5/5 stars, 60 reviews

This deserves a five-star because there isn’t much real Mexican food I consider good. Being originally from LA, I believe that this spot is the closest I’ll find to a hole in the wall you would regularly visit being an Angelino.

They’ve got the street tacos and horchata.. Each sip of the horchata makes me reminisce the times I would be enjoying one on a Los Angeles street corner on a late night food trip.

The chips with the beans are legit and who doesn’t love a self-serve salsa buffet. Sometimes I want to order more just to compensate for the amount of condiments I pick up prior to the arrival of my food!

Taqueria La Michoacana

301 E Main Street | (610) 292-1971

Rating: 4/5 stars, 129 reviews

A solid 4.5 stars! Finally a Mexican place that I would go back to, again and again!  Too bad it’s a little far from me, but I it was worth the trek!

I had a Yelper convince me to give this a shot and I’m so glad we did.  We started out with their chips and a salsa trio, which was delicious.  There was a fair helping of chips and each salsa was fresh tasting and different from other.  The pico de gallo type was great, but our family favorite was the green salsa.  Super yum! We had enough chips to get through our meal and didn’t need to ask for more.

Taqueria Mexico Lindo

500 W Main Street | (610) 279-6491

Rating: 4/5 stars, 20 reviews

This is my new go-to place for tacos! It’s extremely authentic (even had radishes as the appetizer and not nachos) and delicious! Plus, they had lots of flavors, including chicken, carnitas, beef, and even beef cheek and tongue. The waitress we had didn’t speak great English, but knew enough to get our orders correctly. Also, the man at the register seemed to be fluent in English, so I felt comfortable if I needed to ask for help.

Taqueria Puebla Restaurant

106 E Main Street | (610) 277-0564

Rating: 4.5/5 stars, 13 reviews

They had me at “delivery”. I mean, tacos that come to me? Yes, please. They said it would be a half an hour and they pretty much hit it on the nose from when we hung up to the call saying our guy was outside.
We ordered the Caldo de Mariscos (shellfish soup) and it was delicious! Plenty of mussels, shrimp, squid slices, octopus, carrots, potatoes, onions and more. It tasted fresh and spicy.  The seafood was cooked perfectly. It’s hard enough to find tender squid out there let alone driven to my front door. The chips and guacamole were tasty. The Al Pastor burrito was big and messy and wonderful. The little bits of pineapple with the seasoned pork were especially tasty bites. Got it with the green sauce and everyone is right about the salsa verde. Spicy, with a pop of freshness. I ordered the chorizo flautas and they were spicy and surprisingly not too greasy considering they’re just sausage stuffed pieces of friedness. The sour cream, lettuce and radish on top helped cut through the heaviness but I could only eat one whole flauta and there are a bunch left (flauta party at my house!). They even sent along a half a lime to cut up or just squeeze over whatever your food-loving heart desired. Next time, I’m trying dessert!

La Poblanita Mexican Bar

419 W Marshall Street | (610) 292-9999

I’d go again in a heartbeat. Very clean and staff was very attentive. Best chicken caesar salad and chip. Dressing made on premise. Chicken was season slightly on the spicy side. Loved it

Honorable mentions: Casa Bonita International Cuisine (Korean, Mexican food) and TreJo Restaurant (American, Mexican)

What is your favorite place for Mexican food in Norristown?

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The 5 Best Mexican Restaurants in Norristown



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