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By: Montgomery County – Norristown Public Library

During the past few years libraries have seen an increased demand for graphic novels. There is also greater interest and enthusiasm for comic book conventions all over the country. As a result, comic themed events at libraries are drawing large crowds. Even better, these are free events for the fans and the community to attend. These events also serve as a great entry point for fans who are curious to find out more about Comic Con.

Comic themed events give a chance fans to immerse themselves in their hobbies and passion. Comic cons benefit libraries by bringing in new readers and giving us an opportunity to share our strong graphic novel collections. They also allow publishers and creators to build connections with their fans.

Comic books are so important for young readers, too.  One of the best ways to get your child excited about reading is through comic books.  It has been shown that comic books are a great tool for children who are not confident with reading, as the pages look less intimidating.  The dynamic stories and characters can get kids drawn in, and build a lifelong love of reading.

MontCo Comic Fest is a whole day of activities and fun for the whole family!  This is a free event to be held on Saturday April 16th from 10am-3pm at the Montgomery Count-Norristown Public Library at 1001 Powell St., Norristown, PA..  Dress as your favorite character, meet local artists and publishers, attend workshops and panels, and much more! Whether this is your first convention, or if you’re an old hand at the con circuit, there will be lots to do. For more information visit our webpage

So mark your calendars and attend Montgomery County-Norristown Public library’s first MontCo Comic Fest! For a full list of guests and activities, check out our website.  The library will also showcase their new graphic novel collection to the community purchased through Altria Companies Employee Community Fund.(ACECF).  Whether this is your first convention, or if you’re an old hand at the con circuit, there’s a lot to do.

For a complete schedule of panel discussions, click here.


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MontCo Comic Fest Coming to Norristown Public Library April 16