Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve attended multiple meetings in the community as a resident living in the community. Everyone’s schedule is busy, but we will discuss at a later date on the importance of attending meetings. At several of the meetings I cringed in my seat while hearing others say “There’s nothing going on in town.” So let’s address that in today’s post. We explained last week why Norristown is a great place to live, work and play. Today, we will debunk some myths and tell you why there are many things happening in Norristown. I will use exact quotes of what I heard from others over the past few weeks.

Myth: “There’s no programs or activities for children who wish to explore the arts.”

Believe it or not, someone said this. In all fairness, the arts community is still relatively new in comparison to our economy. ACPPA is located on Haws Avenue offers classes throughout the year and a Summer Arts Intensive for children (and sometimes adults). For children interested in music, Centre Theater on DeKalb Street has private lessons for children and teens. When they first started in the Fall, they had several free spots where sponsors were willing to support neighborhood children to take an interest in music. Finally, Theatre Horizon (also on DeKalb) has after-school drama programs, theater school, Autism Drama Program, and Summer Drama Camp. These are ongoing programs offered to the community, continue to check our community calendar for children events happening in the community!

Myth: “There’s no outdoor place to exercise in town.”

Schuylkill River Trail… Norristown Farm Park… MOVING ON!

Myth: “Children have nothing to do.”

Children have plenty to do in Norristown to keep them engaged. Norristown Area School District lists some of their community partners with after school activitiesMontgomery County OIC offers: Before/After school care, Camp Xtreme STEM Enrichment and Spring Break College Tour. Habitat for Humanity offers Kids Club free for all ages every Friday from 5-7pm at Gotwals Elementary School. Learn how to volunteer with their Kids Club here. Norristown Little League is now accepting registration for all ages. Dragon Boat Club recently announced they will be forming youth teams for competition. Norristown.org also lists many other activities for children.

Myth: “There’s nothing happening in Norristown.”

I will also connect this quote to another one I heard about us being a ghost town. Ghost town by definition is a deserted town with few or no remaining inhabitants. Ghost towns in Pennsylvania are mostly near Allegheny County as a result of the collapse of the steel and American oil industries. Norristown’s population is around 35,000 residents which will most likely change by the next Census report. So since we are not that type of ghost town, I’m assuming they are referring to the number of events happening in town, meaning few or none happening. Also false…the community calendar is starting to fill up as warmer weather is around the corner. This weekend, Norristown Police will host another Coffee with a Cop event from 10am-12pm at the Senior Adult Activity Center (SAAC) at 536 George Street. Jazz events are ongoing monthly on Main Street, plays at Theatre Horizon, and there is a Summer Concert Series returning to Elmwood Park. For Earth Day, the Norristown Project will host a cleanup at Riverfront Park open to the community. After the event, join Sly Fox Beer for events along the Schuylkill River Trail. I can continue with listing all the events happening soon in Norristown, but I will leave that to you to explore our community calendar.

So to sum it up, there are plenty of great things happening in Norristown. This post was just a small sample of activities available to the community and visitors. I was excited to hear that Five Saints Distilling will open sooner than we expect and is already witnessing a tourism boost. Also, if you know of a program or event that you would like to share with the community, share it with your district’s councilperson. Their contact information is listed on the Municipality’s website. If you are unsure of your district’s representative, send an email to one of the At-Large members instead. So when someone tells you there’s nothing happening in Norristown, send them to our website, we have plenty of news to share from the community!

For a list of more events happening this upcoming week, head over to Norristown Diary.

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Myth: ‘There’s Nothing Happening in Norristown’



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