Downtown Norristown

Norristown has become the center of attention when it comes to major projects that could change our downtown and residential communities. Markley Street and Lafayette Street are getting closer to relieving traffic in town. SEPTA has plans to expand on the Norristown High Speed Line. Use of the Schuylkill River Trail continues to increase year-to-year. We should also add that the turnpike slip ramp is one step closer and the county recently announced a project that could change our county complex layout. These are all ingredients for one thing, development.


Today we want to share our favorite reasons why you should make Norristown your home.

Live Here


Some of the most beautiful homes are right here in Norristown. The North End and portions of the West End have homes that sell within 2 months of listing, well above the national and local average to give you an idea of how high the demand is. There are also many row homes in town which have the potential to become just as valuable. You can find a list of homes available on Zillow, or take a ride through town! There is also several townhouses and luxury apartments coming to the neighborhood for the young professional on the go. However, we prefer you become a home owner in town! Norristown Project recently added a real estate section for families and business owners to look at available properties for you!

Play Here

Centre Theater

Norristown is home to two great theater companies and dozens of restaurants. Lobby Hero is now playing at Theatre Horizon and it is a must see! The performance, definitely for adults, provides you with serious discussion topics while adding a bit of comedic relief. Speaking of comedy, The Centre Theater is now offering comedy nights every month which has also been a hit. Since it started, each show has sold out, showing the value of this new offering in the community. In addition to our theaters, there are other entertainment opportunities available such as Second Saturday Jazz, Arts Hill Festival, Summer Concert Series, and theater camps at ACPPA and Theatre Horizon.

In addition to the arts scene is our recreation and tourism. Elmwood Park Zoo offers a high quality attraction with a small town feel. The zoo is currently undergoing several upgrades that will solidify its dominance in the region. There are opportunities to zipline the zoo’s treetops and feed giraffes in the summer. Once a month on Sundays, Elmwood Park Zoo offers free admission for Norristown residents.

For the outdoor person, Riverfront Park is a perfect location to visit. The park has two ramps so you can hop on your boat and travel the Schuylkill River. Located at the top of the park is the Schuylkill River Trail. Named the “Nation’s Best Urban Trail”, you can get on the trail from Riverfront Park or the Transportation Center and travel all the way to South Street or Schuylkill County the other way. There’s always events happening near the trail as well. Dragon Boat Club occasionally hosts events and paddle rides. Coming up on April 23rd, The Norristown Project will host an Earth Day Cleanup at the park. There are parks located in nearly every community around town, within walking distance.

Work Here

Working in Norristown plays a huge part in our local economy, it also brings the picture to full circle. Recycling money here in town creates a solid economy and adds a positive forecast that Norristown will continue to grow. By keeping taxes and earnings in town, we will begin to see more support for our schools and other government services.

Also, if you are tired of traveling the Schuylkill “Expressway” into the city for work each day, consider making Norristown your home…making your daily commute a breeze. Norristown is home to the “hub” of transportation in the county. The Norristown Transportation sits in downtown with access to the rail system leading you right into Center City. Or like we said earlier for the outdoor person, you would be minutes from the trail and you can ride your bike to work! Also, the Norristown High Speed line will soon hopefully receive an expansion putting you closer to the mall and commercial park.

So there you have it. A sneak peak on why you should continue to make Norristown your home. Occasionally on our website, we will share more reasons why we love Norristown and why you should too. Add your positive thoughts about Norristown below!

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