UPDATE: Winter Storm Warning issued for Norristown beginning at 12am Tuesday into 6am Wednesday

Happening again, Norristown and the surrounding region will soon have to dig out from another snowfall. Although meteorologists are calling this a snow storm, they urge that it is not as strong as Winter Storm Jonas. This snowfall, expecting to begin Tuesday, will dump 2-4 inches.


4 inches of snow is MUCH less than the nearly 3 feet of snow that finally melted away last weekend, but shouldn’t be taken lightly. Snow is still snow and the lightest of snow can still impact traffic. If you can stay off the roads, please do.

One major difference in this snow compared to the last storm is temperature. Unlike the Blizzard of 96, we were fortunate this year to have El Niño on our side to speed up the melting process so the region can get back to work. One day even hit a record high of 65. However, the snow happening this week will be followed by a cold snap with overnight lows in the single digits and highs below freezing.

It is our (non-expert) recommendation that sidewalks and steps be cleared of snow as soon as the snow stops. This doesn’t give the snow an opportunity to freeze and cause more trouble later. I’m expecting this snow to be a “no savesies” snow, so you can leave your chairs in the porch.

I should add that the “loophole of the year” award goes to the house on Powell Street who used their daughter’s Barbie car and placed an old PA license plate on the back!

Removing snow in front of your home can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a front yard to place your snow. On Noble Street, we had many neighbors pitching in to help each other as we created assembly lines to remove snow from parking spots. Some neighbors removed snow in stages, first from the parking spot, then moved the mound of snow to their front yard. Moving 4 inches of snow should be easier than the last storm, but I still recommend doing it in stages.

The Norristown Project is working with several members in the community to develop a network for elderly/handicap residents to connect with young adults to shovel snow from their yard. If you would like to add your 2-cents or be a part of the steering committee, email NorristownProject@montcooic.org. In the meantime, there are threads created on Nextdoor that has a list of numbers you can call for snow removal.

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Norristown Prepares for Another Round of Snow