BRRRRRR! The snow is falling and you’re stuck inside. With the weather that we’ve had over the past couple weeks, you probably can’t wait to get back to Spring and Summer weather.

However, Winter is a great season to begin planning for next year’s garden. When planing for a garden, think about how you can utilize vegetable, fruits and herbs instead of the normal flowers. When you care for a garden properly, it can brighten up a neighborhood.

One community in England has started a “revolution” of growing non-traditional gardens in public spaces and in their front gardens. Wouldn’t this idea be great in Norristown?

The Norristown Project is in the planning stage of expanding a community garden at Montgomery County OIC to include some of these ideas. But to become a community like the one in this video takes effort from residents.

If you don’t have a garden, think about the benefits of having one. Even a porch garden if you do not have a yard. Think of the main fruit, vegetable, or herb you use in your meals and grow that food. Watch your grocery bill go down. Coordinate with neighbors and share your produce.

If you’re a business owner, consider growing a garden around your space and incorporating these produces in your recipes. Home-grown vegetables taste MUCH better!

Check out the video below and share. She is a bit hard to follow so I apologize for that. Thank you, Elena, for sharing this idea.

I could go on all day about the benefits of growing your own garden or encouraging local businesses/government to join the movement. But I wanted to share a quick blog to get you thinking about it.

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Have fun shoveling this weekend! Stay safe.

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