Gearing up for the MLK Day of Service weekend, The Norristown Project has announced a list of our volunteer events around Norristown! The list of activities we will do that Saturday before MLK Day, January 18th, only continues to grow as more and more volunteers express interest in helping out.

About the holiday

MLK day of Service was formed to honor the late Dr Martin Luther king Jr and his continued push for community involvement and being an advocate of change. When Barack Obama assumed office as President, he re-dictated the holiday to be a weekend of service throughout America. Today, the holiday has grown to be one of the largest day of volunteering across America. And now it is coming to Norristown.
TNP is ready to host multiple volunteer opportunities suitable for all ages around Norristown as we work towards our mission and helping the town restore their image. On our schedule, we plan to visit the Arts Hill, Selma Mansion, TNP headquarters at the old Hancock School and elderly and retired Veterans’ homes. Here is a breakdown of the day’s activities:
9am – OIC Building Basement Restoration and Cleaning Project

Kicking off our day of volunteering will be at our home base to help our lead agency with a restoration project. To kick off an expansion project of Montco OIC’s programs from a new grant, restoration will begin in the basement of the OIC building to make room for office space on the lower level for more classes on the upper levels. This is a great opportunity to see the history of the old Hancock School and the classrooms that were once filled with children over 60 years ago! When the OIC purchased the building in 1964, the basement was repurposed as a wood shop, carpentry and automotive classes. With the growth of the Vo-Tech, those programs were removed, shifting OIC to focus on their literacy programs and computer classes. Today, they are witnessing a spike in their GED, ESL and Adult Basic Education classes giving them the opportunity to expand. Also, they will begin new programs that include job training and expansion on the child care program. Once the entire renovation process is complete, offices would be located mainly in the basement and the upper levels will be for the daycare and adult classrooms.

Join them for this exciting new project! Volunteers will clear out the basement and clean up the area. This will kick off our construction to the basement to be completed in 2014! The event will go until 12 noon. RSVP on Facebook.

12 noon – Selma Mansion Project

Joining forces with Norristown Preservation Society, The Norristown Project will head over to Selma Mansion to help with their restoration project. If you’re keeping track, that’s two historic building restoration projects and the day’s not over! An anonymous donation has made way for a big restoration project at the mansion to preserve Norristown’s history. If you don’t know the history of the Selma Mansion, please check it out online!

Volunteers will help a restoration project in the cellar of the property. More details will come hopefully by the end of the month but you can RSVP now for that event! The event will end at 3:00pm. Food will be served at the conclusion of the event.

3 pm – Centre Theater in Norristown Arts Hill

TNP will finish off the day by heading to Centre Theater to assist with a cleanup project in and around the building. Volunteers will assist the staff in Centre Theater with preparing for future shows, cleaning the arts hill and more. Details to follow in the next couple weeks. You can RSVP on Facebook now! Event ends at 6pm.

Also, during the day, NAHS will send member of the 9th grade for community service hours. They will clean the daycare rooms and toys as well as assisting with other projects around the building. We are thrilled that the high school has stepped up to encourage their students to complete community service. We look forward to starting this partnership with creating activities for them that will help the community.

The graffiti project is still going to happen during that weekend but is closed for registration right now. We may be getting a group to work on that so check back later!

Keep checking back for updates on our MLK Day of Service holiday and visit our Facebook for the most up to date information on the day of service. As always, you can email us at if you would like to help organize an event.

What project are you most excited for?

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MLK Day of Service Weekend in Norristown