Fall Cleanup 2017

  The Norristown Project is excited to announce our Fall Cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 30th, 2017! This season, our focus will be streetscaping and beautification activities. Volunteers are needed to assist with cleaning, weeding, and mulching the flower

What We Offer

The Norristown Project focuses on creating solutions to challenges in the community. Many of our ideas come from our network of volunteers and continuous research of community across the United States with similar demographics to us. Volunteer Opportunities Throughout the

Community Calendar

The Norristown Project provides a community calendar for Norristown residents! View our calendar to get information on all upcoming events in the community. Here, you will find all events happening within Norristown’s borders. Browse through our calendar for a list of events that

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Urban Garden

Urban Garden

Starting with a single seed in 2016, The Norristown Project started our urban garden to become a learning experience for our youth and community! The urban garden is located at Montgomery County OIC and is maintained year-round by children in

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What Others Are Saying About Norristown

With the hard work of volunteers and business development, Norristown is on its way to becoming a beautiful place to live.

Shae Ashe Founder, The Norristown Project

Growing up in Norristown, I saw the best and the worst. With everyone coming together, this town has a chance of regaining it's beauty.

Michelle N. Norristown Area HS Alum

Hear Our Vision

The Norristown Project's goal is to implement visions for a better community. We are always taking suggestions on how we can work together to get Norristown to this goal. We also share our vision for the community and what we would like to see happen. From the abandoned prison on Airy Street to Walnut Street Park, we have ideas for development and welcome an open discussion on your thoughts for these areas. Click on the pictures to the right to hear our idea for each.

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